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Home Buyer's Guide


The home buying process requires extensive time and effort, and can be both challenging and rewarding. Thankfully, I have compiled a number of resources including helpful tips for buying a home, financing options, community information and an MLS home search listing to ease you through the journey with confidence.

click on the link to see my buyer guide. Things to consider when BUYING A HOME.

Tips and Information for Buying a House

Buying a home is one of the largest investments you’ll ever make, and involves a great deal of research beforehand. Prior to becoming a homeowner, you’ll want to follow these steps:

1.  If you are financing, you must first seek pre-approval for a mortgage: You must know how much you can spend before you spend it. A pre-approval will require your credit to be pulled, in addition to verbal details about your income and assets, so that a Mortgage Loan Originator can determine how much you can qualify for.

2.   Find a property: Depending on what you are looking for, the length of your search will vary. The average person sees 10-12 properties before deciding on one

3.  Make an offer on a property and negotiate terms: This is where I will determine price, terms, and certain contingencies such as inspections, financing, appraisal, HOA, etc. Everything is negotiable, so inquire about assessments, fixtures, window replacements, air conditioners, rugs, floors, curtains, appliances, working fireplaces, washer dryers, etc.

    4.  Execute a Contract and Open Escrow with Deposit: The typical time frame is 1 day to 1 week. Once the contract has been executed, the buyer will make a deposit to open escrow depending on the agreed upon term in the contract.

    5.   Apply for a Mortgage and Receive Commitment Letter from Lender: The typical time frame is 1 to 3 weeks. Mortgage Loan Applications cannot be processed without a fully executed purchase contract.

    6.   Satisfy Conditions on Mortgage Commitment Letter from Lender: The lender will have specific conditions that must be met before they will finance your purchase. These conditions can be the appraisal, certain financial information or personal information.​​​​​​​

    7.  Schedule a Closing: Typically the closing date will already be agreed upon on the purchase contract. However, there are instances that allow for a buyer to close prior to the agreed upon closing date. In certain cases, buyer’s may extend their closing date if need be.

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